ARCTiC is a research centre based at Department of Cell Biology at Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital https://ous-research.no/mcb . The mission of ARCTiC is to uncover mechanisms of autophagy and its regulation that are relevant to cancer diagnosis or therapy. Besides its research activities, ARCTiC will host international webinars, invite visiting speakers and organize autophagy symposia and journal clubs.

ARCTiC consists of members from four research groups led by Anne Simonsen, Harald Stenmark, Jorrit Enserink and Tor Erik Rusten. The centre was founded by the group leaders in association with four junior scientists – Sam Rodgers (Simonsen group), Alf Håkon Lystad (Stenmark group), Katharina Vestre (Rusten group) and Nathalia Chica (Enserink group). In addition to the local groups, ARCTiC will invite prominent national and international autophagy experts as associate members.