The research at ARCTiC covers many aspects of autophagy, including selective autophagy (Simonsen group), autophagosome biogenesis (Stenmark group), systems biology of autophagy (Enserink group) and autophagy in tumour-host interactions (Rusten group).

ARCTiC researchers are scientifically responsible for state-of-the-art core facilities in electron microscopy and advanced light microscopy, and ARCTiC’s researchers also have access to local core facilities in flow cytometry, bioinformatics, deep sequencing and proteomics.

The centre’s model systems include budding yeast, fruit flies, zebrafish, human cell lines, and human organoids. Research methods include genetic screens, siRNA screens, CRISPR screens, drug screens, bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolic analyses, knock-in and knock-out models, in vitro autophagy assays, flow cytometry, light microscopy, and electron microscopy.